About Dave’s Gym

Dave’s Gym is located in the Polo Park area and a 5 min drive from the mall. Founded in 2012 by Dave Zuniga, Dave’s Gym offers top-notch tuition in Muay Thai for the entire family. With a strong competition team, great coaching staff and a friendly, laid-back atmosphere, Dave’s Gym is one of the most respected gyms in the city. Whether you are training for fun, fitness, self-defense or competition, Dave’s Gym has the program for you. In addition to providing teaching and coaching to beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes in group or private classes at some of the most competitive rates in the city, we have also assisted in facilitating competitors to events cross-country and internationally so they can compete at the highest standards. We have no enrollment fees, cancellation fees, or penalties of any kind! To all potential and future clients: we look forward to hearing from you. To all our current clients, students, fighters, and friends across the country and globally: Thank you for your support, friendship and most importantly, thank you for your business! Coach Dave Zuniga and Staff