frequently asked questions

What are the age requirements?

Our Muay Tigers Program accepts students ages 3-14. The adult classes have an age range of 15-55.

I have had a sport injury(s) in the past. Is it safe for me to fully participate in the classes?

The beginner classes are designed for students who would like to learn the art, get fit, and have fun doing it. The emphasis is on learning proper technique and becoming comfortable with the training regimen.

I want to compete in amateur Muay Thai/kickboxing. Is this possible?

Of course!!!! We pride ourselves on having the top amateur Muay Thai competition team! The competition team training offers a more in-depth approach to amateur competition, including block + counter, footwork, and ring generalship. A strict body conditioning approach is also implemented to properly prepare students for combat.

I am terribly out of shape. Will this affect my progress?

Absolutely not! The beginner kickboxing/Muay Thai classes concentrate on technique. The cardio/body conditioning sections of the class allow the individual to participate at their own pace. The focus of our training is on poise, posture, proper footwork, and clean technique. As time passes, students become stronger, and are able to push themselves at their own pace.

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